Pothole Repairs around Galphay

Dear All,
Please find below a letter from Richard Flinton (Chief Exec of North Yorks County Council) in response to a letter from Julian Smith (MP) following
a complaint about the poor quality of works recently carried out on West Lane, Galphay.

Unfortunately these works cost the public purse £912 and they are certainly not up to the standard required.

Whilst most of us would agree that some tarmac in a pothole is better than none, consideration should be given by the council
to do a good quality, cost effective job one and only once. Richard refers in his letter to the recent poor weather following Xmas.

We are all aware that West Lane has been in a poor state of repair for a long time now.
If you would like to raise further complaint you can email:

icasework.adm1n@northyorks .gov.uk
with the subject heading:
“MP/Member enquiry 57058 – Mr Robinson, Galphay”
The more people complain and the more negative publicity NYCC get, the better our chance of getting them to complete works in a fashion we find acceptable.
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