Badapple Theater performs in Galphay Village Hall

A comic, backstreet fairytale that sees a hard-up village transformed forever, almost overnight.
A hapless bunch of social outcasts and local-league cast offs, with barely a stud to their boots, are transported magically to a whole other level, a league apart. And we can only watch in wonder, as the rays of light from their new found success spill over to envelop the whole village in a swathe of glory that transforms it from grey drabness to multi-coloured mystery.
A quirky new comedy about village life, love and sometimes…. err… football. About dreaming big in an old pit-village and the daft things that start to happen when you do.
“Nuggety northern humour…. delivered in typically enjoyable performances.. as Bramley’s hymn to village life ticks by” YORK PRESS

Sat 26th September 7.30pm – Tickets @ Galphay Inn –  £10 all adults – £5 under 16 – £25 Family ticket (2+2)