1. PRESENT: B. Robinson, M. Smart, P. Norrie, S. Real, K. Lafferty, I. Clegg, E. Clegg, B.Hawthornthwaite, B. Connor, G. Johnson, D. Metcalfe, R. Mundy,J. Creedon
  2. APOLOGIES. B. Ackroyd, S. Ackroyd, P. Johnson, C. Duke, J. Banham, G. Banham, P.Oldeman.
  3. MINUTES OF THE LAST AGM OF 14-3-17. These were read and accepted as a true record. They were proposed and accepted by the meeting.
  4. MATTERS ARISING. There were no matters arising.
  5. CHAIRMAN’S REPORT. The Chairman reported that since the last AGM the hall had been painted, a new kitchen installed, there had been a very successful Open Gardens, Christmas Market, Christmas Theatre group and Village BBQ. The Chairman noted that there had been less social events and it was felt that it was necessary to have a successful events organiser who had the time, perseverance and personality to organise and generate support for these events. The Chairman thanked all those who had been on the committee and wished them success for the future.

The Chairman was thanked by the meeting for all the work that he had put in. It was felt that it was the responsibility of the village to maintain the Hall for the future generations despite the present difficulties in generating enthusiasm for the Hall.

  1. FINANCE. The Treasurer presented the accounts to the meeting. At December 31st 2017 there was £5640 in the account, with all large bills paid. A better deal had been arranged for the electricity which will be of great benefit. Thanks were given to Peter Norrie for his continued work on the Finances of the GVI.
  2. ELECTIONS. There were no nominations from the floor to stand on the GVI committee. The following members of the present committee agreed to stand again: Mal Smart, Petra Oldeman, Peter Norrie, Doug Metcalfe, Chris Duke.

The meeting closed at 8.15pm.


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