Superfast Broad band in Galphay?


Dear Villagers,

Hopefully you saw the Ripon Gazette article that highlighted the lack of fast broad band supply to our village. We were extremely pleased to have been given the time to put our case to our MP Julian Smith and moreover to gain some publicity for our case. However, the text of the article was misleading on two fronts and we wanted to communicate with you directly to avoid confusion and to continue our drive toward accessing fast broad band.

First, the article appeared to suggest that Galphay is getting fast broadband and it is simply a matter of a delay. To be clear, we have had no such assurance from any party. We remain in a position of not being on the schedule of installation that currently exists. Should there be a further round of installation we may or may not be included. We have been unable to access an answer to whether BT will provide Galphay with fast broad band and it is this lack of clarity that we have asked for the MP’s assistance with. That was the specific point of meeting with him.

Second, the article appeared to suggest that there is a consensus within the village that we should wait for BT to install fast broadband. This is also inaccurate. There is an exploratory project underway to access an alternative supply of fast broadband. Those villagers interested in fast broadband attended an open meeting on 10th March and are awaiting the results of a survey to lay out options.

Can we remind each of you, as an interested party, to sign up on the websites below to register your interest and please do a speed test and let us know the results. Please keep in touch and send Ben Mal or Phyl any questions, ideas and emails of other people in the village who would like to be included.

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